In Sutton Park all students and pupils are encouraged to make the most of their academic abilities. Standards are high and we encourage all our students to explore and discover their strengths so that they can learn with confidence. We offer 20 different subjects at Leaving Certificate level for example and from the earliest classes, pupils are educated in a wide range of disciplines.

Our teachers build on the very favourable teacher / pupil ratio that ensures class sizes are small. The pace of lessons is fast and increases as expectations are raised and as students access more of the curriculum and move up the school. However, the close relationships between teachers and students that is an inevitable consequence of small classes, means teachers can focus on nurturing individual strengths. Every care and attention is made to ensure that pupils and students are supported and guided at every stage of their journey through the school. We do have students with learning needs and these are supported by our sensitive Learning Resource Department.

Most students progress to university when they leave us in 6th Year. Our broad and wide-ranging curriculum opens pathways to Science and Technology, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Music and the Arts and a host of other university courses.

Teaching styles are varied and modern. Our classrooms are bright and well designed and we have an extremely good range of purpose-built facilities to encourage and stimulate young minds. Whether it is our modern and fully stocked library or our two computer suites and Language Laboratory or our well-equipped Science laboratories and individual subject suites, you will discover that education at Sutton Park is designed to be challenging, stimulating and empowering. While preparing students and pupils for the 21st century we never lose sight of the old fashioned virtues of hard work, the importance of reading and acquiring high-order numeracy skills and the development of self-discipline and independent study habits.

From a very early age we strive to awaken the imagination and inspire our pupils to acquire a love of learning. We pride ourselves on creating the right environment for positive learning and encourage our pupils to participate fully in all aspects of the curriculum.

After you have read these pages I would advise you to make an appointment to look around the school and feel the atmosphere for yourselves. Our classrooms are always open and our students love to talk about their many achievements and their work.