The School strives to provide the maximum educational experience to support academic achievement and personal development, leading to a purposeful and satisfying life. Sutton Park School prepares students for entrance into the best universities in Ireland and abroad. Good communication amongst teachers, parents and students is essential to assuring a successful experience for each student.

The Handbook is designed to make information readily available to parents and students. The Handbook is divided into three main sections: Senior School, Intermediate School, and Junior School. The Senior School and Primary School sections are separated as the students are clearly at very different stages of their development and the policies, questions and concerns parents and students may have are quite different. Much of the Senior School Handbook is addressed directly to the student as they are becoming young adults and the greatest commitment must come from them. A Reference section contains the broader matters of concern to the whole school, such as transportation information and the School telephone directory. The Academic Calendar, which can change so rapidly throughout the year, will be supplied separately to our families at the beginning of the school year, with updates provided throughout the year.